It's the space between the desire and the doing that matters most

You know what you want, your offer excites TF out of you... but you're sabotaging yourself without even realizing you're doing it

You're wondering why our desires haven't happened for you yet:

  • The highest CASH month.. ever (everyone else is doing it!)
  • The clients who PIF without hesitation (come out come out wherever you are!)
  • Your program doubling in size

And as a result, you find yourself attracting:

  • clients who don't pay on time
  • clients who just aren't it
  • clients who aren't aligned with your premium pricing
  • selling... and hearing crickets


You're not holding the energy, my love.

You start strong... until you get your first objection, your first NO, your first taste of silence

- lack begins to seed itself

- your content becomes reactive

- you begin to doubt

- you begin to push

... you're unable to hold the energy

In this new masterclass, you're going to master PA(Y)TIENCE

- content sabotages you're likely participating in

- how to maximize on the time in between declaration and result

- the importance of leaning back (an important energetic competent)

- how to bounce back quick

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