If you want "send me the link" DMs, you need a sales sequence that matches.

Becoming SOLD OUT AF is equal parts strategy and a state of being and embodiment

HOW you sell and WHAT you sell are two very different pieces in the sales process.

In this masterclass, we're uncovering:

  • The energy necessary to attract "sign me up ASAP" 
  • Dissecting what like, know and trust actually looks like in your business
  • The 3 main reasons you keep getting objections (it's not actually what they're telling you)
  • How to pivot your content move them out of distrust and into your offer
  • Common content and sales mistakes that we have been taught that don't actually work... and what to do instead
  • A sales game plan to implement NOW

Too often, we only sell the WHAT and we're missing the key pieces your ideal clients need to MOVE.

I'm going to walk you through a new sales process that allows you to pivot your positioning to take those "left on read" messages into "holy I need this!"

Whether you're just getting started or been selling for years, this training is going to give you a whole new outlook on selling. (warning: you'll never go back to the way you did it before)

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Pivoting your Pitch

the science behind offer information content positioning and easy implementable (like today)

sales tips trust that's needed to take your audience off of the fence and into your offers

intro into DESIRE selling over NEED selling

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